YAAV V0.99b

Copyright 1999-2000 Christos Dimitrakakis This program is FREEWARE and is distributed with NO WARRANTY

Why another Autodoc Viewer?

After I played around a bit with Autodoc viewer, I thought I needed something a bit more versatile.. So I created YAAV. What is so cool about YAV? AFAI am concerned, it is the automatic cross-referencing facility that can cross-reference items from Autodocs to Include files, or from AutoDocs to AutoDocs. This works really well - just a mouse click and you're there (to the corresponding AutoDoc page, if you are referencing a library function or include file, if you are referencing a datatype) It also features browse history and dictionary cache to speed it all up.. nice asynchronous requester plugin too :)

Where is V1.00?

Well, nobody ever sent me an email for YAAV, so I guess nobody needed it. As far as I am concrened, I don't need the bells'n'whistles of 1.00 :):)

YAAV support.

If you want YAAV 1.00 now, tell me and I might just finish it.

YAAV Manual

Converted from the AmigaGuide (TM). Read it to learn more about YAAV

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