YAAV V0.99 - Yet Another Autodoc viewer@}

YAAV V0.99 - Copyright  1998 by Christos Dimitrakakis

YAAV V0.99 is FREEWARE - the archive may be freely distributed as long as no modifications are
made to it.('Modifications' includes the addition of messages to the archive). This product must
be distributed at no cost to the end user, apart from a small fee to cover media costs.

This software is provided with no warranty.


          Features          - What is cool about this viewer?

          Installation      - How to install

          ToolTypes         - Basic configuration via tooltypes

          Usage             - General usage

         Tips'n'Tricks     - Some not quite evident things

          BUGS              - Problems you might encounter

          History           - Version history

          TO DO             - The future of YAAV

          Author            - Author information and optional registration

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