AllRox is a really hard shoot'em-up! Your purpose in the game is to keep moving through the alien and asteroid-infested space!

The aliens get smarter all the time and the asteroids get faster!

You manage to get a break every now and then with a trip into Hyperspace! But it only lasts 2 secs..

The game never ends! You just have to try and collect as many powerups as possible in order to have a chance in destroying the aliens and surviving the meteor rain!


Starting and Quitting the Game


Keep the fire button down. You will fire a stream of bullets. Do not use autofire!

Your bullet supply will soon deplenish and the gun will start clicking! Get the A (ammo) power up to fill up!

You will find that the aliens try to avoid your bullets! Note that they can also be hit by asteroids, so they will try to avoid them too! Try not to let them go behind you and push them near the top of the screen! This way they will probably crash into the meteors while trying to avoid yor bullets or vice-versa!

The aliens use a look-ahead method for shooting at you, so just moving at constant speed won't save you. Try erratic, quick joystick movements!

Use the R power-up to increase your weapon's firing rate. This also makes your ammo deplenish faster though!

Get the P power-up to increase your bullets' power. This has no effect on ammo.

Get the S power-up to increase your bullets' speed.