Past Research in Evolutionary Algorithms

My current interest in Evolutionary Algorithms is limited, but some time ago I did these:

BGP - Blitz Genetic Programming

BGP was an effort to create a fast genetic programming environment. This is done by using machine-code programs that are executed using a virtual machine, for added safety. The BGP environment was programmed in Blitz Basic and assembly language, with special optimizations for near-native VM interpretation and it features some then-state-of-the-art GP techniques like demes, and complex crossover options, but no structurul credit-assignment mechanisms. It also features informative graphical displays on the population fitness.

The process of creating an object-oriented version of BGP, for computer entertainment purposes, is underway.

Genetic Programming for Network Topology Design

My MSc thesis at the University of Essex had been involved with creating telecom networks - in particular with choosing a topology for the EON. The main difficulty was to construct a suitable function set. The function set had to be unbiased, yet efficient in searching the large problem space, something naturally done by a simple GA, but a bit more unnatural to do with GP techniqus. In my thesis, I used something similar to Luke's Edge Encoding, which was further refined my Mr. M.Sinclair after I left the Uni. E-Mail:

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