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Reviews and comments

Here you can look at comments and reviews of my music.


Review : 100% (TiS)

aah, a pleasure to the ears and to the mind.
GREAT TRACK, worth the big size.

Review : 100% (TiS)

Many Great Variations and lots of nice themes.
Arrangement is perfect.

The Only One

Review : 80% (TIS)

Heh, This track was neat. At the start i thought what
the f.. is this=) But when i got more into the track, it
sounded really great. The vocals ruled, and all the
rythm instruments to. Great track. To bad it's a little
short. Http://artists.traxinspace.com/crenton 

Review : 80% (TIS)

Really Great song, Maybe a little strange...
Personally, I loved the voice and the tune. I agree
with crenton when he says it's toooo short...


Review : 70% (Tis)

Argh! This song could have been really awesome
if the drumloop sample didn't hurt my hears! It
looks like a bad MP3... The melody is good but the
end is too abrupt...

Cling On

Review : 80% (TIS)

 Arrangement : 9/10 Comments about Arrangement : Really brilliant
 chording and progression of the song. A lot of skill is shown in
 this song.

 Creativity : 8/10 Comments about Creativity : Nice use of
 instrumentation and choice of melody.

 Sample Quality : 7/10 Comments about Sample Quality : Not such an
 attractive choice of samples... the strings are fine in the later
 parts of the song, but when they are played alone, they don't sound
 so good.

 Does It Work as a Piece of Music: Y Comments about Your Piece's
 Working as Music: Sure does.

 Review : Very good moody piece, has a sweet feeling to it. Lacking
 in some parts, but overall very powerful emotional piece.



Review : 70% (TIS)

 Overall Impression: 7/10

 Artistic License : 7/10 Comments about Artistic License : Some
 problems with harmonies. Not everything has to be in harmony. At
 least it souldn't sound unintended.

 Arrangement : 7/10 Comments about Arrangement : Quite good
 arrangement. I mentioned the problems with the harmonies. In the
 middle there's a part that is close to some chaos. But especially
 the backround strings and background stuff are really good.

 Creativity : 10/10 Comments about Creativity : There are lots of
 good ideas in the song. It never gets boring.

 Sample Quality : 10/10 Comments about Sample Quality : Good samples.

 Does It Work as a Piece of Music: Y Comments about Your Piece's
 Working as Music: Definitely

 Review : This one is hard to rate. It has a good rythm and lots of
 good ideas. Unfortunately it happens too frequently that the melody
 runs out of key. I think this song has potential.

Grey Day

Comments by The Violet Collection radio j in mp3.com

But if I had to give you a capsule comment about Grey Day, I'd say it's got an ominous charm that sends shivers up my spine, and a vocal line that sounds like Sesame Street on acid, which is a good thing. It walks a thin line between madness and sanity, and I very much feel that the song is a coiled snake waiting to spring at the listener. Oh yeah, I like it...

No More Rest II

Comments by NA+Alie.N+.detdrea^*^e'.Sha++eR ValeNtiNE.*.H.Blackledge"

Hal0. I listeNed to No More REst || It maDe me want to swiNg from the ceilIng! I loVed i+.
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